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Yoga brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve mind and body peace.  Let us help you relax and manage stress and anxiety.  Our goal is that you experience your practice in the way that is uniquely right for you.


it's on us!!

F  R  E  E    C  L  A  S  S

enjoy your first *class for FREE.

*valid for all yoga, pilates & barre classes.  offer valid at all studio locations.


As your mind becomes more grounded - so will your feet.  You will begin to transform your body.  We will create long, lean muscles by blending balance, stretching and strengthening asana sequences.


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gentle flow non-hot yoga
With age, stiffness sets in as the
spine compresses and we lose  
balance and mobility, along with 
bone and muscle mass. By age 50,
we also start paying the price for too
much sitting and years of bad posture.  This commonly results in neck and
back problems by midlife. Sometimes,
the assaults of time can happen even
in very active people, such as in the
case of osteoarthritis in older runners. Yoga is the antidote to the aches and  
pains in the body that come with the
passage of time.


Wed Apr 23rd 10:30 (6 weeks)

3340E Kimberly Rd, Davenport, IA


SOL Gardens


clean | green eating!
Sol Yoga is sponsoring community gardens for our Sol Members in
Cedar Valley & Quad Cities. The
Sol Gardens are organic gardens,
we will provide the organic seeds
to stock the gardens. Watch for
our SOL Planting Day & more …
start fresh, stay simple ...




kids yoga starting in May at Cedar
Falls  studio! while you practice,
your kids will be too (non-hot of course). watch for deets coming


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The studio is warmed to help penetrate deep tissue, increase heart rate and release built up toxins.  Our mantra: 

release the grip, rebuild the body, refresh the mind, renew the spirit, reinvent the you, revisit the sol ... REPEAT.


 Kick Start Package
Kick Start+ Package

2 weeks of boundless yoga + 1 day cleanse
6 juices, carry all, freezer packs
- or -
2 weeks of boundless yoga + 2 day cleanse
12 juices, carry all, freezer packs

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